When the nights become canvas

10 december 2022 t/m 21 januari 2023

Locatie: Galerie Sanaa, Utrecht


Van 10 december tot en met 21 januari is in Galerie Sanaa de eerste solo-expeditie te bewonderen van de Syrische schilder Raafat Ballan. ‘Raafat schildert figuren die de donkere achtergrond verlichten en menselijke emoties tot leven brengen.’

Raafat Ballan

Raafat Ballan is a young emerging artist. Born in Suwayda Syria, 1990 and trained as a painter in Damascus, Ballan is currently based in Utrecht.

In his paintings Ballan distils scenes of family life into discrete compositions, snapshots of isolated figures in the presence of absence, with bold colours that tinge these paintings with playfulness. The gestures of these figures are captured by heavy paint strokes over brightly saturated surfaces. The forceful encounter between spectator and subject that these expressions produce conveys a moment of truth: a moment that reveals its initial impact, which in its turn is often grounded in the tensions Ballan experienced in his country of birth.

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